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We are not a onetime company. We are here for you for a lifetime of ongoing support.

Lynda Sward

Clinical Director

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Herb Stepherson

Director Of Outreach

Jay Means

Accredited Drug Addiction Coach

Our Services

We offer a wide variety of services to help you or your loved one with addiction.

24/7 Phone Support

Our Certified Addiction Counselors have years of experience and are ready to talk any time you are. Do not be shy, they were once in your exact predicament and want to help.

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Consulting Sessions

We have one of the leading Clinical Directors in the area. Lynda Sward is more than happy to consult with you and your family before and after treatment, to ensure a longer lasting sobriety.


When it is time for you or your loved one to go to treatment, we can handle that for you - everything from transportation to admissions. Leave it in our hands, You have a lot more to focus on.

Treatment Centers

We work with several treatment centers across the USA. It will not be long until we find the right one that will fit your needs.

Treatment Options

Legal Issues

In some cases going to treatment can help your case in court, especially if there are drug charges. But we cannot guarantee this on all cases. Call us and find out if we can help.


We work with many treatment centers across America and they all have different pay structures. We can help you find a rehab that will fit your financial situation. 


Not just any treatment center will do. There is no such thing as a “one-size-fits-all” approach to recovery. Researching which treatment center will work can be a lot of added stress. We Do That For You


Most of our treatment centers offer medically assisted detox. Detoxing at home can be very dangerous. If not medically supervised death from complications can occur.

What Our Clients Say


My decision to contact USA Addictions and True Interventions was hands-down, the right decision. Upon my initial contact with Linda, who coordinated the entire process, I recognized these people knew what they were doing and could make things happen. Once I confirmed my commitment to the process, things moved very quickly. All though the situation was stressful and a little scary, they guided me and our team of family & friends through the entire process. It took only 4 days from beginning to end and we had a successful outcome...our loved one chose treatment!!  

Mark, our interventionist, was strategically chosen to handle our case and he was outstanding! Everyone on our team was impressed by his professionalism, his leadership and his unique ability to relate his own personal addiction experience to help us understand our loved one’s mindset, as well as, our own enabling behaviors. Our entire experience with Intervention Services was nothing less than amazing and the best part is, they are still here supporting us still.


Thank you for being our Intervention Coordinator. Over the last 15-months, you have done so much more than co-ordinate things. You have been the counselor, coach and teacher to me and Blaire’s whole family. It has been a long 15-months working and praying for Blaire’s miracle of recovery to happen. 

Blaire has made fantastic progress, and she still has work ahead of her. Thanks again for being there every step of the way.

-Best, Scott

Dear Herb,  

You are the most incredible person! When my son was in the hospital and literally died as a result of his drug use, you were there for me 24/7 no matter whether I needed your opinion on what was going on with him or just to calm my nerves. We talked frequently and this helped me see it was truly possible for Michael to recover. His story was similar to yours. You let me ask you anything and you were so vulnerable and open with me. This was unbelievably helpful and gave me the confidence to follow through with the intervention even though it ended up being only 10 days after I had major back surgery!

Now that Michael has 8 months of sobriety under his belt, I love knowing I can still call you anytime. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you have done for our family.

-Love, Michele

Herb came into our lives. How? That is a question that if I answered, you would not believe me. Let me just say that I have been so blessed, in many ways, one of which is that I witnessed a real, honest to goodness, unexplainable, unexpected miracle. It came from God Himself, straight from heaven. What did you do, Herb? Well, to begin with, you helped me speak. You gave this Mother the opportunity to open her exhausted mouth and ask for help. You picked me up and dusted me off so to speak. You gave me a purpose rather than the flatline of defeat. You listened, you directed, you offered your help, in a loving and nonjudgmental way. You pointed me forward and kept me from my continual backward fall. You helped me in ways that you will never know. You answered your phone. You returned calls. You checked in on me, just to see if I was okay. You helped me feel not so alone. You passed out encouragement and hope. You overtook the blame and abuse that had been laid upon my lap. You helped me understand that this was not my fault. You helped me accept what had happened. In doing that, I quit wasting my energy on what was. I could now focus on possibilities ahead. You facilitated our tomorrows, replacing darkness with light. With your help, my son became clean. March 6, 2018. His smile returned, and his beautiful blue eyes are clear now. His words of gratitude touch my heart. His ability to see beauty in the world and to express his appreciation for what he has been given means so much. To see him try so hard, and to succeed, in turning this tragedy into a blessing means more than words can say. To hear him pray and to know that he walks with God directing his steps once again......Oh my goodness, I feel so blessed. Thank you.  

-Thank You So Much, Ms. Stout